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vintage fair postponed

Vintage Fair Postponed

The Vintage Fair that was organised for Saturday the 11th of November has been postponed until April 2018.... Read more

2018 Resource Allocation Model funding

In October 2017, all NSW public schools will receive a 2018 Planned School Budget Allocation Report. The report will assist with the management of the total budget delivered to schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM).... Read more

Kindergarten Orientation

Kindergarten Enrolment for 2018

Kindergarten Orientation (pdf 674 KB) Please open this document to find the dates for the orientation sessions.... Read more

Welcome to Awaba Public School. We are a small school on the western fringe of Lake Macquarie. We have 37 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We are a country school in the city!
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30 31 3456 public speaking begins

3456 public speaking begins

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Over two weeks, starting today each child will be presenting two prepared speeches to the class. •Speeches should reflect a topic that the students are passionate about which encompasses a wider concept (local/global). •Your child is required to present...

Toronto HS Year 5 transition

Toronto HS Year 5 transition

from 09:30AM to 01:50PM

The Transition program at Toronto High School is on the 31st of October from 9.30am to 1.50pm. Each group of students will complete four different activities. The activities will run during periods 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the High School day and last for around...

1 2 3 Kindergarten Orientation 2018

Kindergarten Orientation 2018

from 02:00PM to 03:00PM

Creative art session

4 5
6 P&C meeting

P&C meeting

from 06:00PM to 07:00PM

P&C meeting tonight at 6pm. Come along

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13 Selective high school 2019

Selective high school 2019

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Selective high school application website closes today (Year 7 in 2019).

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20 21 22 2018 Captain Speeches

2018 Captain Speeches

from 09:10AM to 10:10AM

2018 Captain Speeches - refer to guidelines information handout

23 24 2018 Captain Elections

2018 Captain Elections

from 09:10AM to 10:10AM

2018 Captain Elections - please refer to newsletter for more information

Kindergarten Orientation 2018

Kindergarten Orientation 2018

from 12:00PM to 03:00PM

Regular classroom activities. Remember to bring their lunch, drink and a spare change of clothes

25 Bunnings Barbecue

Bunnings Barbecue

from 09:00AM to 04:00PM

Please see the staff or the P&C to volunteer your time for the BBQ.

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Upcoming events

2018 Captain Elections Nov 24 09:10AM
Kindergarten Orientation 2018 Nov 24 12:00PM
Bunnings Barbecue Nov 25 09:00AM
2017 Christmas Concert Dec 6 06:00PM